About Us

The scriptures contain many metaphors for the church. Of those, one of the most signifigant is A FAMILY. Our church is not simply made up of families, it IS a family. Like any family, we support one another, encourage one another, and seek the best for each other. We learn together, serve together, celebrate together. If one of us is suffering, we suffer with them...nobody has to go through life alone.

Our pastors serve as "under-shepherds" who lead us. We follow them as they follow Jesus Christ, but ultimately each of us is called to follow Jesus as His disciple.

Our church family is not the only expression of the church. We affiliate ourselves with the Brethren in Christ church, and fellowship with other BIC congregations in our area as a part of the Atlantic Conference of the BIC.

We also acknowledge that many other churches, though not affiliated with the BIC, are also expressions of Christ's body, and as such are precious to us. Any church that can affirm the essential elements of our doctrinal statement is considered an extended family member.

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Our Church

Church is an interesting word. Usually, when people use the word church they are refering to a building. This is not what the New Testament is refering to when it speaks of the church however. The Biblical idea of"church" refers to the people who make up the church.

At Crossroads we don't own a building.

In our current economy we think renting our meeting space is wise. It keeps our overhead cost low so we can maximize our investment where it means the most - people. We also think using existing buildings is good stewardship of creation. It is important to us that we take good care of our earth. 

That is not to say we are against owning a building, not at all. There are many advantages to owning your own building, and one day we may purchase one of our own.

There is one more advantage to renting our meeting space; it reminds us all that buildings are not churches - We are the church!


Our Purpose

Crossroads Community Church exists to be a visible, physical expression of the life of Jesus Christ: to live as He would live, love as He would love, and serve as He would serve, blessing others and bringing glory to God.

Our Vision is to bring blessing to the people of Bucks & Montgomery counties by thriving as a refreshingly safe and caring faith community where people can experience the life changing power that is available through faith in Jesus Christ, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey.

We Value…

  • Blessing others, and extending to them the grace of Jesus with sincerity, sensitivity, and creativity. 

  • Promoting authentic, healthy, caring relationships through Biblical community and grace-filled living. 

  • Engaging in relevant Bible learning that transforms our lives, and in celebratory worship that expresses joy and thankfulness. 

  • Equipping one another for spiritual development and effective, loving service. 


Mike Haub Lead Pastor

Mike Haub
Lead Pastor

Nick Whitfield Associate Pastor, NextGen Ministries

Nick Whitfield
Associate Pastor, NextGen Ministries

Ben Osborn Worship Leader

Ben Osborn
Worship Leader