NextGen Ministries

Children's Ministry (Compass Kidz) Grades K-5th

Elementary-age kids are in a constant state of discovery. Think about all the different things they are trying for the first time and what they’re learning every day, even how to make (and keep) friends.

How can we tap into the way kids are naturally wired to discover‚ so they can begin to experience for themselves who God is, how He sees them and how much He loves them?

How can we show them God’s big story and help them discover the active part they can play in this life-long adventure, to be more like Him?

252 BASICS curriculum and resources PROVOKE DISCOVERY, inviting kids to live out their new understanding of how to grow in relationship with God and with others. How did we come up with 252 Basics? Well we didn't; our friends at Orange did. It's from the Luke 2:52:  “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” We want you to know your child is not only safe at our church but being cared for and poured into by our qualified, certified* staff.


Nursery Ministry (Compass Cuties: ages 0-3, Compass Climbers:ages 3-5)

During nursery, your child will be encouraged to explore our fun environment thoughtfully put together just for your child. They will hear all about how God loves us and changes us, through storiessongs, and crafts. Wait, we didn't even mention the best part, SNACK! 

We want you to know your child is not only safe in our nursery but being cared for and poured into by our qualified, certified* staff. Before dropping off your child in the nursery we will ask that you sign your child in at our secure online check-in system. We take your child’s safety seriously here at Crossroads. During sign in, we will get all the important information like allergies, age, name, etc. and transfer it to a tag that prints for your child. Another tag will print for you, the guardian. In order to pick up your child we will require the reciprocal tag.


Youth Ministry

Middle School and High School are some of the most important years in the life of your child. We anticipate launching a safe, vibrant, authentic environment for your teen to learn about all the ways God’s love for us; MOVES us. Stayed tuned for updates on our Youth launch!


* All our staff go through background clearances, finger printing (if applicable), and training.