Worship Service

Worship 9:00 AM
Located at Biblical Seminary
200 North Main Street
Hatfield, PA 19440
(215) 412-3059

Join in with us this Sunday;

Gather to worship,

Connect through authentic relationships,

Grow in your faith, and

Bless others by serving to meet needs. 

Service time: 9:00 am.

Compass Climbers Nursery (infant - 4 years) provides high quality care and a wonderful "first church" experience for the little ones.

Compass Kidz Children's ministry (K - 5th grade) begins their morning by participating in the main worship experience, just before the message they are dismissed to go to Compass Kidz. 

Rolling stones…that’s what we will be talking about at Crossroads. No, not “Mic & the boys”…but about real stones. A very large stone was rolled across the entrance of Jesus’ tomb. It was rolled that first time for a reason, to SEAL it. To seal IN the smell and pain of death so it could not get out. But that same stone was rolled AGAIN, rolled away at Jesus’ resurrection…but why? Was it to let Jesus out? No, I doubt a rock could have kept Him in that grave. So then, why was that stone rolled a second time? Could it have been to let someone in? To REVEAL something to them? And if so, who & what?

Starting Easter Sunday and continuing for the three Sundays following it, we will be looking at rolling stones; the one at Jesus resurrection, and a few other stones that seem to seal fear, pain & isolation into our lives, and seal out peace, healing & hope. If that very large stone could be rolled away at Jesus’ resurrection, maybe God can also roll away a few of the stones in our lives…the stones that block our way to the life God intended for us to enjoy. Come explore the power of God with us.


"Helping people on their journey toward knowing and following Jesus" 

 At Crossroads we know life is a journey, we are on that journey just like you. We also know each person is in a different place along that journey. We know this because we have all come from different places; different experiences. Whatever your thoughts about church, whatever your beliefs about God, you are welcome here. Click here to go to our What We believe page.

Together, we have found that Jesus’ teachings help move us forward on our journey; they help us make sense out of the world around us. We continue to explore the scriptures and celebrate God’s goodness every time we meet. 

At Crossroads Community Church you will experience:

  • Celebratory worship that expresses the joy only God can give
  • Relevant biblical teaching that transforms lives
  • Genuine, healthy and caring relationships
  • Opportunities to be equipped and to serve others; locally and globally
  • A compelling, shared vision; to move forward to fulfill God’s purpose in our lives

All this in a casual, "come as you are" atmosphere.

Whether you are just beginning to explore the claims of Jesus, or you are considering coming back to God after a long time away, or you are a mature believer looking for a place where you can make a real difference,
we welcome you with no expectations.

  • No judgment
  • No pressure
  • No finger-wagging.
  • Just an honest search for truth within authentic relationships.

Crossroads Community Church is located in Hatfield Pennsylvania in Montgomery county PA.